Job Job Object Model

Note: properties are not displayed in the returned object if they are null


Name Type Description
id string id of the job
status string current status of the job. "in_progress", "transcribed", or "failed"
created_on string(date) the date and time the job was created in ISO-8601 UTC form
completed_on string(date) the date and time the job was completed, whether with success or in failure, in ISO-8601 UTC form
metadata string metadata that was provided during job submission. 256 maximum char limit
name string name of the file provided is available
callback_url string webhook invoked on job completion
duration_seconds double duration of the file in seconds, null when not available
media_url string media url provided by the job submission
failure string failure reason. "unspecified", "download_failure", "invalid_media", "insufficient_balance"
failure_detail string human-readable reason why the job failed


New Job

  "id": "111111",
  "status": "in_progress",
  "created_on": "2018-05-05T23:23:22.29Z",
  "metadata": "this is sample metadata"

Transcribed Job

  "id": "111111",
  "status": "transcribed",
  "created_on": "2018-05-05T23:23:22.29Z",
  "completed_on": "2018-05-05T23:45:13.41Z",
  "callback_url": "",
  "duration_seconds": 356.24,
  "media_url": ""

Failed Job

  "id": "111111",
  "status": "failed",
  "created_on": "2018-05-05T23:23:22.29Z",
  "completed_on": "2018-05-05T23:23:24.11Z",
  "failure": "download_failure",
  "failure_detail": "Failed to download media file. Please check your url and file type"