Use the tools listed on this page to explore and test our APIs.

Postman collection


To get started, you will need a Postman account, a Rev AI account and a Rev AI access token.

Easily explore and interact with our APIs without writing any code with Postman and the Rev AI Postman collection.

Postman is a free-to-use development tool for working with APIs. A Postman collection is a way to group API requests templates together into a bundle that can be shared or copied for others to use.

Learn more about the Rev AI Postman collection.


fstalign is a tool for creating alignment between two sequences of tokens (referred to as "reference" and "hypothesis"). It has two key functions: computing word error rate (WER) and aligning NLP-formatted references with CTM hypotheses.

Due to its use of OpenFST and lazy algorithms for text-based alignment, fstalign is efficient for calculating WER while also providing significant flexibility for different measurement features and error analysis.

Learn more about fstalign.